FBI declares Hillary Clinton an “insider threat”

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
By Paul Martin

April 14th, 2015

Well, not exactly but very nearly.

An “insider threat,” is defined by the National Counterintelligence and Security Center as:

An insider threat arises when a person with authorized access to U.S. Government resources, to include personnel, facilities, information, equipment, networks, and systems, uses that access to harm the security of the United States. Malicious insiders can inflict incalculable damage. They enable the enemy to plant boots behind our lines and can compromise our nation’s most important endeavors.

Over the past century, the most damaging U.S. counterintelligence failures were perpetrated by a trusted insider with ulterior motives. In each case, the compromised individual exhibited the identifiable signs of a traitor – but the signs went unreported for years due to the unwillingness or inability of colleagues to accept the possibility of treason.

A recent FBI brochure that warns employers about this threat has this to say:

There are a variety of motives or personal situations that may increase the likelihood someone will spy against their employer:

Greed or Financial Need: A belief that money can fix anything. Excessive debt or overwhelming expenses.

Anger/Revenge: Disgruntlement to the point of wanting to retaliate against the organization.

Problems at work: A lack of recognition, disagreements with co-workers or managers, dissatisfaction with the job, a pending layoff.

Ideology/Identification: A desire to help the “underdog” or a particular cause.

Divided Loyalty: Allegiance to another person or company, or to a country besides the United States.

Adventure/Thrill: Want to add excitement to their life, intrigued by the clandestine activity, “James Bond Wannabe.”

Vulnerability to blackmail: Extra-marital affairs, gambling, fraud.

Ego/Self-image: An “above the rules” attitude, or desire to repair wounds to their self-esteem. Vulnerability to flattery or the promise of a better job. Often coupled with Anger/Revenge or Adventure/Thrill.

Ingratiation: A desire to please or win the approval of someone who could benefit from insider information with the expectation of returned favors.

Compulsive and destructive behavior: Drug or alcohol abuse, or other addictive behaviors.

Family problems: Marital conflicts or separation from loved ones.

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