FDIC Announces Potential Hacking Of Bank Accounts, Theft Or Confiscation

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
By Paul Martin

Roxanne Lewis
December 15, 2014

The deficit has now surpassed $18 Trillion…and we will pay through toil, taxes or theft. The U.S. debt will reach $28 Trillion by 2018, in just three years. Our government and the Fed are out of ideas, no one is buying U.S. treasuries anymore, no amount of taxes will be enough and they desperately need money to maintain power. To keep the Ponzi scheme going the U.S government has made several moves to make your checking and savings & retirement accounts their new targets for confiscation. You do have a choice, remove your assets from their grasp by taking it out of their banks and getting out of their systems set up for their benefit!

Government produces NOTHING; they only feed off those who do the real work. Next they distribute YOUR wealth and when government officials cannot meet their obligations or fulfill their promises they figure out ways to appropriate the public’s money to fund their projects. Desperate government officials will always resort to expropriation, be it through inflation, taxes, debt accumulation or confiscation!

The Federal Reserve has bought 90% of the U.S Treasury market and today they are buying S & P futures (Standard & Poor’s high grade futures) with the free money created out of nothing! There are two types of future contracts; financial and commodities. No matter which type of contract you buy the basic premise is the same. The buyer of the contract agrees to deliver the product for a commodity future or cash for a financial future at the contract price on the expiration date. A contract can be anything from corn, wheat, oil or a stock index. Usually future contracts get “closed out” before the delivery date and so no physical delivery actually takes place and that is what they are doing, using money created out of thin air to close out future contracts!

Today the “too big to fail banks” are bigger and their risky derivative bets that tanked the market in 2008 are bigger than ever. Today the number of banks and thrift organizations, over the past 30 years, has dropped from 15,000 to but 6,500 and by 2024 at 20% every ten years that number will be but 2,600 in another 30 years and they will be bigger than ever! They will never be allowed to fail, EVER!

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