Obama Is Counting on Rejection of Impeachment

Sunday, November 16, 2014
By Paul Martin

Dr. Robert Owens
Nov. 16, 2014

The recent elections delivered the most crushing defeat a political Party has suffered since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Forty-nine state landslide. Democrats were rejected by every voting block demographic: young, old, men, women, rich, poor. Everyone said, “Enough is too much already!” Exit polls everywhere say their handling of the economy and the general direction of the country were the major reasons. BHO tried to make the election about him as he tries to make everything about him. His party spent millions trying to run away from him, his record, and his agenda. However in the end the President’s repeated statements that his policies were on the ballot and that all these Democrats had supported him and his agenda outweighed his friends protests that they hardly knew him.

After the 1994 Contract With America Congress came to town in a similar wave of rejection for the Progressives and their agenda, President Clinton was eventually dragged by his advisor Dick Morris to the signing table and he eventually signed on to the Contract’s legislation. This brought about everything he is credited with today: a balanced budget and reforming welfare. After his comeuppance he took the microphone to remind us he was still relevant.

After his recent shellacking, BHO came to the world’s stage to tell us he hadn’t lost because the two thirds of the electorate who didn’t vote support him. He has declared himself to be the voice of those not interested enough to pry themselves off the couch long enough to vote and the advocate of those who care enough to show up. This is a bold attempt to organize the anarchy of the militantly apathetic.

Since his meteoric messianic rise from the South Side of Chicago to the Oval Office BHO has governed against the will of the American people. When he, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid used parliamentary sleight-of-hand to shove Obamacare down our throat, they knew the majority of the public opposed it. When the President used executive orders to implement the Dream Act he knew the representatives of the people had rejected it. When he announced the surge in Afghanistan and at the same time announced the coming evacuation; when he cut and ran from Iraq, setting the stage for ISIS to rise; when he encouraged the Arab Spring to overthrow our allies and empower our enemies, leading to the wholesale slaughter and dispossession of the Christians of the Middle East—he knew all of these acts were contrary to the will of the people.

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