ISIS Psyop Final Phase – Prolonging the Existence of ISIS

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Paul Martin

Bernie Suarez
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Those of us who are truth seekers marching through life with an everyday understanding of longstanding government false flag operations, corruption, stated global plans and strategies, live in a much easier and clearer world than our counterpart brainwashed, naive, TV and mainstream media-indoctrinated zombies.

Yes, at this point in history, given the information age and the broad worldwide awakening to the new world order plans, we can now definitively declare not only the manifestation of our conscious existence but concomitantly we can pinpoint the manifestation of those who are the exact opposite of who we are; that is, those who are asleep in the matrix and believe mainstream media propaganda and the lies that the sheep are told every day.

There is something special about mainstream media CIA-controlled news that is important to point out. I’ve alluded to this in previous articles but it’s very important to mention again here. The idea of mainstream media acting as a deceptive government mouthpiece is something most if not all of my readers are widely familiar with. However, it is important to underscore that mainstream media news, like the moving spiral of a hypnotic presentation, is always moving. In other words, if mainstream media actually stopped for even one day, it would begin to lose its effect immediately, and the control system knows this. The power of CIA-controlled mainstream media hypnosis comes in the fact that mainstream media news is ongoing. You get hit with one story, then another, then another, and another and so on. The motion of stories never ends. This moving quality of story-delivery is powerful and carries a hypnotic effect.

Let me be more specific.

When your brain hears one story about ISIS, if that story stood alone eventually your brain would start questioning the story if it didn’t have enough weight of evidence to it. However, given the same amount of non-evidence, if you keep the ISIS stories coming continuously, your brain starts wondering how improbable it is that ALL of the stories are untrue; therefore, the naive brain begins to accept that even if the first one or two stories weren’t exactly true, then these next 50 stories can’t all possibly be untrue.

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