Holder Is Staying One Step Ahead of the Burning Bridge…”Inside sources state that Obama will either be impeached and convicted for high crimes and possibly even treason.”

Friday, September 26, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
26 Sep, 2014

For months, my sources have told me that Obama will not serve out his entire second term if he does not eradicate the Syrian/Iranian threat to the Federal Reserve’s petrodollar.

Inside sources state that Obama will either be impeached and convicted for high crimes and possibly even treason. Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been with Obama every step of the way. Simply put, if Holder stays, he goes to jail, and he knows it.

The fallback plan is for Holder to resign, take the blame for no less than five scandals and then have Obama pardon him before Holder can be prosecuted. With Holder taken the fall for the major scandals of the Obama administration, the trail of criminality ends with Holder’s resignation. This is Obama’s way of staying one step ahead of the burning bridge.

The Facilitation of Criminal Banking

I have interviewed for HSBC Vice-President, John Cruz, as he has detailed how he attempted to inform federal authorities about the criminal money laundering organization present at his bank. Included in the notification of Federal sources was none other than Eric Holder.

When HSBC’s criminal money laundering scheme, on behalf of the Sinoloa drug cartel became common knowledge, Holder excused his passive support by saying that the economy would have suffered if HSBC had been taken down.

Too Big to Fail

When Wall Street played the Ponzi scheme game known as credit-swap derivatives, and broke a multitude of SEC laws, Holder refused to even investigate if major investment firms such as Goldman Sachs had broken the law.

When the bail out money was distributed to the favorite sons(e.g. Goldman Sachs), frequently Wall Street rivals of these most favored corporations were not similarly bailed out (e.g. Shearson Lehman) and these corporations went subsequently went broke in this blatant federal scheme of favoritism being played with the People’s money.

When the bailout money was paid to cronies in European banks, Holder, again, was, again, nowhere to be found.

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