The Mad March to World War and Mass Extermination

Sunday, July 27, 2014
By Paul Martin
Saturday, July 26, 2014

It has been decided. It is to be World War, the total destruction of all existing major nation states, and a very large world population reduction.

The architects of today’s global network of Welfare/Warfare States, Monetary and Banking Structures, and Information Control systems were very smart, but they weren’t omnipotent. They used their network for more than a century to steer government behavior, exert a significant amount of control over information available to the public, and manipulate the money supply. In the end they could not control fundamental economic laws or population demographics any more than they could control gravity. Now their successors, less intelligent and far less competent, are mad with fear. Their entire enterprise rests on a fantastically complicated foundation of financial and monetary Ponzi Schemes. That foundation’s imminent collapse poses an existential threat to their wealth and power. There is only one solution: start over.

Today everything coming out of the Information Control Systems is a purposeful Lie. The purpose is to instigate a new World War, one that will ultimately result in the destruction of the current “world order” of nation states and the depopulation of most of North America and the Eurasian land mass. Evil on that scale seems unimaginable to all sane people but to the monsters who financed both sides of our World Wars (and most of the smaller ones), the deaths of millions of “useless eaters” are just a cost of doing business. They’ve done it many times in the past, just on a smaller scale.

Public attention is riveted at the moment on three developing and manufactured “crises”. Look for a serious effort to fold all of these crises into a single “actionable element” for the purpose of mobilizing public opinion to support a literally suicidal war effort. Although they are hypothetical, recent history and the trajectory of rapidly developing events certainly make the scenarios outlined below at least plausible. Every major political figure in both the Democrat and Republican political parties and every establishment electronic and print “news” outlet is now fully engaged in the effort to whip up anti-Russian war hysteria. Whenever an effort of this scope has been mounted in the past, war has always followed.

The Ukraine/Russia Crisis: Russia is accused of increasing its “aggression” against the Ukraine. The US is already pre-positioning weapons and supplies in Poland and a Bill has been introduced into the US Senate which, read carefully, amounts to a Declaration of War with Russia. For more detail, see Paul Craig Roberts’ excellent discussion of these developments here and here.

An overt military clash between the military forces of the Ukraine and Russia occurs (or is said to have occurred). A bi-partisan coalition of outraged politicians demands retaliatory action from NATO. What are described as “limited targeted air strikes” by NATO are launched against forward Russian military positions. Russia retaliates. The World War on the European Front begins.

The Middle East Crisis: ISIS, an irregular force led by former officers in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard and populated with Sunni foreign fighters, completes the partition of Iraq, erases the boundaries between Iraq, Jordan, and Syria and directly threatens Israel. It has already proclaimed itself to be an Islamic State Caliphate. The ISIS fighters are largely Sunnis. They were equipped and trained by NATO operatives and financed by Saudi Arabia to fight against Syria’s Assad, an Alawite, who is supported by Iran.

The US attempts to force the Shiite Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s resignation. Iran warns Saudi Arabia and the US not to commit further aggression against the Iraqi state remnant. ISIS begins an artillery bombardment of Baghdad with long-range Howitzers abandoned by fleeing Iraqi regular army units. Iran launches air strikes against the ISIS artillery positions. ISIS retaliates against Iranian bases with Saudi air support. The World War on the Middle East Front begins.

The Mexican Border Crisis: The Obama administration continues to transport illegal aliens from the US/Mexican border to hundreds of locations across the US despite massive and increasingly angry public opposition. Media organs, including Fox News, continue to call this massive invasion “a humanitarian crisis on our border” and unfailingly describe the invaders as “unaccompanied minor children” In fact, more than 90% of these “children” are male teenagers older than 14 and include a significant number MS-13 cartel gang members, some of whom are known killers.

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