Tuesday, July 22, 2014
By Paul Martin
Jul 22, 2014

Hello Steve,
I have been listening to you for a long time. God Bless you and everything
you do. I feel compelled to tell you of a strange string of events that
has happened at my work recently. I work for a big and well known shipping
company. I work in the international department and I am the closet hub to
the San Ysidro boarding crossing in Tijuana Mexico. Over the last few
months we have had a complete overhaul of our security systems. Meaning
TSA and DHS combing through the building. A few months ago they took out
all of our screening security measures for entering the facility, (meaning
metal detectors gone as well as replacing our security officer of 10
years). I have worked at this hub for since 2000 and the last time I saw
this kind of activity was before 9/11 2001. Now things get even more
weird. Last week on Wednesday night when I get to work I am informed we
had a security breech in our Mexico bonded area. Only myself and 9 other
people have the security clearance to open or be inside our Mexico import
bonding area. This whole story came as a shock to myself and the others on
my team. Supposedly in the earlier morning shift a man approached one of
our morning clerks inside of the bonded import cage area. He walked inside
and informed our female clerk that he worked with the international
department and had to take a package out with him. He took a box and left
the building with it. No one knows who this guy was or what was in the box
he took; however DHS and the Feds are going nuts over this missing box. He
was not a employee of our company and our security cameras just happened to
be down for the hour time frame that this man enter and exited our
building. This is a deeply concerning issue. Anything could have been
smuggled into this country and walked out through that bonding area. The
next day there was a serious meeting at my work. We had DHS, ATF and the
CDC combing the building. Last time I saw the CDC in our hub was when they
were looking for anthrax in 01. This is highly concerning to me. Two of
the women I work with have turned in their security clearance and refuse to
work in the bonded area anymore out of fear. This could be nothing and
just some cartel drug activity but my gut is saying different for some
reason. I think this was planned and done on purpose hence the governments
request to overhaul our security measures a few months ago. Even after the
meeting last Thursday my Union rep even whispered to me that this sounds
very conspiratorial and he isn’t that kind of person to whisper concerns
like that. I think a bio agent or weapon of some has been smuggled in with
the aid and help of certain federal agencies within our government. All
when the borders are in crisis. I have also witnessed things being
shipped through my company in the past, like heavy artillery from military
contracting companies going into the Bahrain and Benghazi. At first we
were holding the shipments and then we ended up with NOEEI codes signed off
by Hilary Clinton herself and then the embassy was attacked 2 weeks later.
my prayers for you and your family as well. FYI I am one of the only ones
left with clearance into the Mexico import volume area and I refuse to do
it alone. We are literally scared for our lives being back there so we go
two at a time now. I really hope you receive this email. If you have a
different way to stay in touch or if you would like to speak about some of
this more please email me above. FYI I have been recently having serious
problems keeping any computer functioning and have been loosing access to
my own emails accounts so I am not using the email account I ussually do (I
am locked out of my own emails!) I don’t understand it because I am not a
computer IT. I have included my address if you would just like to write.
Thank you and may God Bless you Steve. You and pastor Langford helped me
come home to Jesus! I mean it you are both making a huge impact in my life
and the lives of others! Keep up the good work, with the help and grace of
God people are waking up and coming back to Jesus! Thank you!

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