Devvy – Why TX Gov Perry Won’t Put Natl Guard On Border

Saturday, July 12, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Devvy Kidd

I doubt there’s a person in this country who doesn’t know what’s going on with the planned, massive invasion of human hordes coming across the border here in Texas this past month. A surge it’s called. By the end of summer, it’s estimated 90,000 illegal alien minors will have crossed. Anyone following current events in this country fully understands there is an agenda here: destroy our culture by force, import more tens of millions of peasant class people who come here to suck us dry. Dump them into unsustainable Ponzi schemes like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. Reduce our standard of living, our quality of life, make us strangers in our own land and work towards seamless borders.

The Republicans continue to shout it’s all because the criminal impostor squatting in the White House (when not out campaigning for the Democratic/Communist Party USA) has refused to secure our border, blah, blah, blah.

The Republicans controlled both the House and Senate for over a decade before the Democractic/Communist Party took the House in 2006. From January 2001 until January 2007, the Republican controlled House and Senate did NOTHING to lock down the borders and deport, not reward millions of liars, cheats and thieves – illegal aliens. From January 2001 until January 2007, the Outlaw Congress wasn’t just held on both sides by Republicans, Bush, Jr., a Republican, was also president. What they should have done was never done and here we are today with a massive, planned crisis eating us up.

My column last week dealt with and provided suggestions what we have to do since the Outlaw Congress and the pretend president won’t – all for political reasons. For starters, boycott Mexico. No vacations, conferences, convention. Don’t buy ANY fruits or vegetables from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras. Support AMERICAN farmers first – local if you can.

Everyone has been wondering why our (thankfully) soon-to-be-gone governor, Ricky Perry, hasn’t called up the Texas Army National Guard? He has activated TDPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) and some other organizations, but it’s not enough. Last night, although it pained me, I watched the interview with Sean Hannity and Ricky Perry. While they were sitting there on the Rio Grande, seven more illegals were caught trying to cross over into OUR country.

It has cost we the people of Texas over a half billion dollars since 2005 dealing with the illegals invasion across our border. Two weeks ago, Perry announced the State of Texas was about to begin a surge against the hordes costing we Texans $1.2 million dollars a week.

During that interview, Ricky Perry constantly commented how many times he’s ask the fraud playing president to put the National Guard on the border. Why won’t Ricky put the Texas Army National Guard on the border since we have no constitutional militia? I did some research:

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