What America Means to Me & How it’s being Destroyed Right in Front of My Eyes

Sunday, July 6, 2014
By Paul Martin

Richard Anthony
July 5, 2014

I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I was watching a mini series about the Revolutionary War and I came to realize, that we almost didn’t win. By all rights, we shouldn’t have won. At the time, the British Army was the best fighting force the world had ever seen. They were the best equipped, they also had the best navy in the world. The American army, in contrast, was filled with shopkeepers, farmers and boys of fifteen years old. Even the man who was responsible for turning the Americans into a “professional” fighting force at Valley Forge was nothing more than a con man. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was not a “baron,” nor was he a “general.” He had left the Prussian military 14 years before he came to America and had never risen above the rank of captain.

So how did a bunch of rag-tag farm boys and ill-disciplined militia manage to defeat the best equipped fighting force on earth? One could say, it was our stubborn tenacity. That pig-headed, stubborn streak has carried us to become the greatest nation on earth. We had defied all the odds and managed to become a shining beacon of hope to all oppressed people all over the world. We never shy away from a difficult task and we always help those in need.

But for the last six years, something has happened to our great nation. Our own government has slowly, but surely, become that very thing which we all despise so much. Under Barack Hussein Obama Jr., the United States of America is becoming an oppressive regime with a megalomaniac who has delusions of grandeur at its head. And a good portion of our fellow citizens want more government intrusion in our lives.

How on earth did that happen? Is it that we became so complacent and spoiled over the years? Have we forgotten the lessons paid for in blood by our forefathers? Are we welcoming, with open arms, a would-be tyrant who has no regard for freedom? A man who believes that America is nothing more than a “bully,” that should apologize to the world for wanting to be the best?

What we see right now in the second term of Barack Obama’s presidency is the real man, a man who treats his fellow citizens like ignorant peasants. Obama has brazenly said that if congress doesn’t do what he wants them to do, then he will simply act and govern alone. This is the same man who tells us that we “deserve” things as healthcare, food and housing. What about “working” for the things we want?

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