Obama to Youth: Your Climate Change Denier Parents are Fringe Radicals …(You Lie!!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Monday, June 30, 2014

If you disagree with the Obama administration, you are an enemy of the State. Michelle Obama has told high school students to monitor their parents for infractions against government definitions regarding acceptable speech, and the First Lady has even called “unacceptable” the fact that school districts are opting out of her very unpopular, and failed, school nutrition standards (as if abiding by these standards are required by royal decree). The IRS has been used to target, and punish, opposition against the democrats, and proof of the heinous crime has conveniently disappeared. Barack Obama has been using executive orders to unconstitutionally modify law, and to put his own laws into place, steering around Congress with the opinion that he can do whatever he wants, regardless of the opinion of the representation of the people. The President has gone so far as to mock Congress over it, acting against the Constitution in plain sight, with no remorse, and telling Congress that if they don’t play ball, he will do what he wants, anyway, regardless of their constitutional authority regarding legislative powers. On the immigration front, the Democrat Party is committing atrocities against men, women and children that have been illegally entering the United States. The democrats are using these poor people coming to this country as political pawns to enhance their political agenda by dumping these people, homeless, and without stability, sleep, or food, into conservative areas in the United States for the sole political reason of altering the demographics of those regions, without any concern for the welfare, or safety of the illegal immigrants, or the health of the receiving areas where instances of diseases previously eradicated in the United States are on the rise. To oppose the federal government is to place a target on your back, making you a fringe radical, anti-government anarchist, and any other ridiculous term the leftists can throw at you so that the perception by those not as informed as you is to hate you.

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