The War Powers of Government: America is Under Emergency Rule…”This country went under the War Powers for the last time on March 9, 1933, and we have been under emergency rule ever since.”…(Must Read!!)

Thursday, June 5, 2014
By Paul Martin

America the Battlefield
June 3, 2014
by Timothy A. Pope

This information is going to turn many of you on your ear. Its going to make you mad, as it should — as I hope it does.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Let me ask you a question. Why do you think our president, the Congress, the courts and the federal government as a whole are descending into unlawful dictatorial usurpation of power with no hint of accountability or recompense? Why is the Executive office of a man of lawlessness able to fundamentally change our nation from a Constitutional Republic into a Marxist/Communist dictatorship? Why can he and his handlers transform our once just nation under the Rule of Law into a nation of lawlessness and rebellion, unrestrained?

I’ll tell you why. And no, it assuredly didn’t start with the current Obama regime, or even the Bush, Clinton or Reagan regimes. No, it started way, way before.

It started with the War Powers.

Let’s take a trip down the memory hole of history to discover — some of you for the very first time — the foundational pieces set in place in a giant game of chess in order to checkmate the American people and subject us and our future posterity to a life of indentured servitude. In this article I will attempt to lay out the actions taken by our government which define all American citizens as enemy combatants under the federal system known as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

Our nation has been bankrupt since 1867 with the Reconstruction Acts, and the bankruptcy has been renewed ever since. Following that, the Organic Act of 1871, “an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia,” effectively made our federal government into a corporation, and that was the first sweeping violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, and an open act of treason by our federal government against the People. However, we’re going to focus on more recent events, and connect the dots of the present to the past.

Emergency Powers Statutes

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