If Ambassador Stevens Had Lived, the Benghazi Child Trafficking Practices Would’ve Been Revealed

Friday, May 23, 2014
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
May 23, 2014
The Common Sense Show

On May 1, 2014, Tosh Plumlee told Alex Jones and his audience that he has firsthand knowledge of US gun running and ancillary drug running to support Black Ops operations in the Middle East. This is the same exact pattern which was utilized to fuel the Iran-Contra Affair in which the Russian backed Sandinistas would be opposed by the Contra using funds derived from CIA basked drug operations which led to the rise of drug-related street gangs in South Central LA. The implication is that the same thing was going on at the time of Ambassador Stevens death in that Stevens was running guns to al-Qaeda.

Please, Mr. Plumlee, tell us something that we do not know! Mr. Plumlee, I printed the same allegations in November of 2012. Where have you been? The admission, of a former insider, that guns were being run to al-Qaeda, reveals nothing new. This is the equivalent of rubber necking motorists passing by an accident and a police officer says “move along, there is nothing to see here”. By admitting to what we already know to be true, Plumlee, in my humble opinion, is conveying the message that there is nothing else to learn about the death of Stevens as it was a gun running operation, period! This is just not true. This article will reveal new insider information that there is a lot more to learn about the goings on at Benghazi and how it will shake this country to the core once the details are known.

Same Song Second Verse

My sources tell me that this same CIA pattern, that was in play in Libya at the time of Stevens death, was followed and perfected with the Fast and Furious Drug and Gun running operation that the Department of Justice oversaw as it ran American guns into Mexico in order to bolster the drug operations of certain Mexican drug cartels. The subsequent profits from the drug money are skimmed off the top and used for Black Operations elsewhere in places like the Middle East where CIA operatives such as Chris Stevens were running guns to into Libya and Syria in order to promote a regime change.

Disinformation Agents Abound

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