Atlas Shrugged

Monday, May 5, 2014
By Paul Martin

Monday, 5 May 2014

It’s getting increasingly difficult to survive out there these days for everybody except the top .01% and few of their buddies, which is not what Ayn Rand had in mind when writing on the benefits and attributes of individualism, to both the individual, and society as a whole. Of course Ayn was no stranger to the vulgarities associated with cronyism and oligarchs with her Russian origins, however she would likely be dismayed at what has happened to America today, a place she loved for what it stood for, not what it has become. What’s worse, it appears the John Galt’s of the world are becoming fewer and far between as process continues to unfold, but it could be argued she saw this coming, being the forward thinker she was, a realization perhaps best captured in her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged, a must read for all concerned with these ideas – a fruitful life, liberty, and freedom.

As with all extremist / fascist episodes through history however, all good things must come to an end when people can no longer live with compounding inequalities, especially when they begin to tread on the most basic of human rights and privileges. The oligarch’s and their dogs (think Animal Farm) found out about this in Nevada a few weeks back when a prominent pig was thwarted in attempting to effectively confiscate Cliven Bundy’s cattle and ranch, which still might be a problem, but at least the revolution has begun. It’s time for greedy and corrupt politicians to be put in their place. So let’s hope Alex Jones is right (this time), and this proves to be a watershed event, where formerly complicit bureaucrats begin to recognize the errors of their ways, and begin working for the people once again increasingly, not crooked oligarchs and their dogs.

A more profound (but abstract) example of this is Russia’s defiance regarding Western claims to the Ukraine (under the guise of diplomacy), where the previously vanquished evil doers (think the fall of the Berlin Wall) have also turned the tide in terms of the level of abuse and fraud present evil doers have been getting away with (think artificially low pricing of oil and gas sold to the West), as explained in detail several weeks back in my article entitled “Take That Ivan”. To summarize, the idea here, from a completely impartial perspective, is Russia woke up to the fact Western commodity markets are rigged to suppress prices so that consumers would have more disposable income in their budgets to pay bankers ever-increasing amounts of interest payments, which angered them. So, Ivan, being on the receiving end of Western oppression for some time, waited patiently until it was the right time to fight back, allowing the West to weaken itself into the debt laden stupor that now exists.

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