On the Road to Bunkerville- what does it mean, and why should I care?

Saturday, April 19, 2014
By Paul Martin

Mike McNulty

What started this round of the Sage Brush wars -BLM’s method of dealing with the Constitution and the People.

Here we go again, or is it different this time?

This is the first of several blog entries that will report and discuss the events leading up to and including the Battle of Bunkervill Nevada on April 12, 2014. This event is perceived by many as the opening actions of the Second American Revolution. Why they are seen as such will certainly depend on the readers point of view, but it is hoped that by the time the reader completes his or her reading they will be ready to sign up for the coming struggles ahead. If you choose to not be active in the battle for Freedom and Liberty you will be part of a majority that for now we will call “casual observers.” Not un- like the Colonists of 1776, these folks will either be supporters of the government, “Tories” or just isolated in their own self interest, perhaps supportive of the “Rebels” perhaps not. In any event all should be familiar with the basic facts of the story that has brought us all to this point in time when the established party currently in power may initiate actions against the People that will bring about and cause those who prefer Freedom to institutionalized Tyranny to resort to the “Right to Revolution”, clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence by the Founders as a God Given Right, not once but twice in the document with the added caveat that under the circumstances described it is not only a Right, but indeed, a duty to remove the government in place that is animus to the concept of the Rights of it’s citizens, by whatever means necessary. This action can not be taken lightly and may only occur under the same kinds of circumstances endured by the Founders before they exercised that last and most fearsome Right referred to by John Locke*, below. This action can only be triggered by the aggrieved government’s actions, as a response to repeated usurpations and violations of Citizens rights without redress or recourse. It is, literally, the last act in reaction to a despicable government and carries life altering circumstances that will effect all of us. We stand on that brink today. The battle at Bunkervill was only the opening gambit of a very long an arduous struggle, that some would say started decades ago but now has coalesced to a point that we , the people, seek to recover our country and our freedoms from the hands of those who would prefer an elite lead democracy to the constitutional Republic the Founders bequeathed us.

Controlling the Narrative use to be foundational to controlling the Public…

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