IDF Training for Ground Invasion of Lebanon

Thursday, April 3, 2014
By Paul Martin

Army reveals it is rehearsing for ‘Afghanistan-type’ resistance to IDF takeover of Lebanese villages.

By Gil Ronen

The IDF is rehearsing scenarios of mass rioting combined with guerrilla warfare, which it may encounter if and when it invades Lebanon and takes over villages there. The disclosure was made by IDF officers in a report featured on the IDF’s official website – and can safely be assumed to be an intentional warning to Lebanon and Hezbollah that the IDF is capable of a ground invasion of Israel’s northern neighbor.

The report says that the IDF is preparing for the possibility that in a spontaneous reaction to the conquest of a village by Israeli forces, the residents will stage a massive riot.

“We are preparing for a similar reality to the one Americans are encountering in Afghanistan,” 7th Regiment Commander, Col. Nadav Lotan, explained recently, according to the IDF Website report. “That is – we take over a village, and the riots begin.” The rioting is expected to involve local-level violence as well as more professional weaponry and tactics.

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