Doctors Forced to Become State Snitches to Spot “Radical” Patients

Monday, March 10, 2014
By Paul Martin

NHS demands GPs monitor potential extremists

Paul Joseph Watson
March 10, 2014

Doctors in Britain are being forced to become state snitches and spot “radical” patients under an NHS initiative that threatens to cut funding if a GP practice fails to take part in the program.

Under the new NHS England policy, every GP practice must send a member of staff on the “Prevent” counter terrorism course, during which they are trained to detect patients who are ” vulnerable to radicalization,” before notifying authorities.

In addition to the “lead” staff member who takes the course, all employees of the practice must be made aware of the strategy .
Labeling the program “mindless bureaucracy,” former GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman said, “It is so silly and ridiculous that I can’t believe NHS England are requiring this or making CCGs responsible for it.”

Other doctors raised the issue that forcing GPs to become informants for the state by demanding they monitor “radicalization” of patients would be a clear breach of patient-doctor confidentiality.

“It is completely disproportionate and a poor use of GP resources and time. It is effectively asking GPs to be a government intelligence agency,” Dr Maureen Baker, chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, told the Express.

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