The Imminent Invasion of the US Has Been Planned for Decades

Thursday, January 16, 2014
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
January 16, 2014
The Common Sense Show

Last night on the TV show, Revolution, one of the main characters discovered that the “new” United States had constructed numerous re-education camps and were planning to exterminate large groups of people. In the same episode, two of the other main characters discovered that the United States had released plagues in order to significantly reduce the population. Perhaps, the globalists reveal their intentions through the world of entertainment, as many claim, or they do not. However, I did not have to become aware of the Revolution script to have heard this message before. In the 1990′s, officials from Maricopa County came to my campus and recruited “first responders” to a potential biological and/or chemical attack. The bonus and benefit was that first responders would be the first to receive any available antidotes, so I signed up. Some time later, FEMA and DHS took over the program. In the transition, I got to personally know some of our FEMA replacements and I was made keenly aware about how real this threat was as one of the families visited me at my office in October of 2012. In that meeting, they informed me that they were leaving the area and relocating to a remote community that they had been prepared as a secret refuge. They asked me if I watched the show Revolution and they told me that we were facing a similar false flag event as what happened in the show. The power outage would be followed by a chemical/biological attack with weapons that “no other nation knows that we have”. This family and two other families that I know of moved in December of 2012. I have previously recounted this story in more detail on December 25, 2012 and December 27, 2012 on this website.

I was subsequently told that following the blackout, some of the biological weapons would be designed to induce abhorrent behavior, zombie like behavior, in which an individual’s hypothalamus (i.e. the primary site of our stress response known as our fight or flight mechanism) would be overly excited and extreme and random violence would be induced. Along these lines, does anybody remember the two “zombie” disaster preparedness attack drills with the last one occurring in San Diego which was sponsored by DHS?

It was further revealed that these chemical and biological attacks, resulting in mass hysteria and random attacks, would force many people to public shelters (i.e. the new re-education centers). Shortly after that, I discovered the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball offered their facilities to DHS in times of national emergency. Since that time, we have seen DHS and FEMA conduct drills for a national emergence in such events as Operation Mountain Guardian. Further, Simon Properties made a similar agreement with DHS to allow the use of their malls and strip centers to be used for the same purpose. Simon Properties is the largest owner of malls and strip centers in North America. Now we see the full fledged introduction of TSA molestation activities at NFL games which began this year. Are some of these dots beginning to connect? One final note about this event, all three families informed me that when martial law was declared, the Russians and the Chinese troops would the primary enforcers and Americans would soon face “hell on earth”. This was over a year before it was announced that Chinese troops landed in Hawaii and that the Russians and the Chinese would be involved in the Grid EX II drill and the RIMPAC War Games. I think it is a fool’s errand to try and predict a timetable in which these events will come to fruition. One of the FEMA families told me, before their departure in December of 2012, that we probably did not have two years.

The Invasion of the US Has Been a Long Time in the Making

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