Riots Break Out In Singapore; Think Your Country Is Immune?

Monday, December 9, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Simon Black

Yesterday, a 33-year old Indian man got hit by the proverbial bus in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood. That was the catalyst. What transpired for the next several hours was a full blown riot… the first of its kind since 1969. Singapore has had years of tensions building. These issues are commonplace. Ideological differences. The wealth gap and economic uncertainty. Immigration challenges. They’re the same issues, for example, that have plunged much of Europe into turmoil, including the rise of a blatantly fascist political party in Greece. And these same issues exist, in abundance, in the Land of the Free… where a number of serious ideological divides are becoming obvious social chasms. And if it can happen in Singapore – one of the safest, most stable countries on the planet, it can happen anywhere. Even in a sterile American suburb.

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