America Is In Decline And Decaying Before Our Very Eyes. The Qualities Of The Jobs Are Decaying, The Dollar Is Decaying, The Culture Is In Decay, Civil Liberties And Freedom Are An Illusion, And The Principles That Guided This Country Are Far Gone

Thursday, November 7, 2013
By Paul Martin
November 6th, 2013

I am taking this opportunity to express my views in as clear and concise of a manner as I can. This letter shall be devoid of emotion and will only present things as I see it. Brace yourself as I will pull no punches in my blunt delivery of the state of the economy and the current management of it.

The United States as I had previously revered as a patriot no longer exists. Instead, this country is a hollow shell of itself, devoid of the original concepts that allowed it to become for a time, the greatest nation on earth. It is a country which reveres freedom, yet does everything in its power to suppress the freedom that it publicly promotes that it protects.

I subscribe to Gerald Celente’s view that America is now a Fascist Police State, which is the merger of state and corporate power. This shall be the economic destruction of America. It is the responsibility of the government to resist the temptation to serve the corporate state, as the corporate state will soon destroy itself through its own lust for power and ambition. Because competition is the enemy of monopoly, those with the monopolies will seek greater and greater levels of power and control. This lust for power serves them for a time. In the end, this is what destroys them because our economy is a constant cycle of companies continuously coming into being, growing and building, declining, and ultimately being integrated into a new company. Competition allows for less centralization and more jobs to be created. The exact opposite is occurring in America at this time.

Today in America, centralization of power is the trend and with it, will come the demise of what was the United States of America. Centralization and the lust for power lead to another important discussion, which is the rule of law for both the governed and those governing. There is an implicit contract when it comes to the rule of law. This implicit contract states that under the law, all are equal and all will be treated fairly under the law. While some degree of corruption will always occur in such systems, the corruption today has reached unprecedented levels. Such unprecedented levels of corruption point to a psycho-pathological system of governance. The problem is that once a maladaptive system like this becomes instituted, it becomes a danger to both the governed and those governing. Those that govern conveniently forget that without legal protection, they are as vulnerable as those they govern. It is this lack of insight that ultimately destroys them. In essence, they are destroyed by the Frankenstein type of government that they have created.

Another example of centralization and a flawed social contract is Obama Care. From the beginning, there was no pragmatic thought as to how to pay for it, given our current economic situation. Do they understand what a 17 trillion dollar debt means in relation to a GDP that is at best 14.5 trillion dollars? Has there been any thought as to how they will pay for it when the dollar loses 100% of its value and is removed as the World Reserve currency. Bear in mind that empires have historically fallen and yet leaders erroneously think that because they are in charge, that it will magically be different this time. Obama Care is having an effect though, and that effect is the decimation of the American economy by itself alone.

Obama Care is already having a negative impact on the society with the majority of jobs being created are part time. It is delusional to think that when your country is broke, the people are just over broke, don’t make enough to pay a significant level of taxes, you have a government that is the bride of the military industrial complex, your dollar’s purchasing power is virtually worthless and will likely lose its World Reserve currency status, that you (the Government) have the ability to run a program as large as Obama Care. If the country’s finances weren’t so F.U.B.A.R, then the government would have a fighting chance with Obama Care; however, this isn’t the reality. Obama Care is putting the pseudo-feudalistic state on steroids and has great potential cause economic destruction and mass depopulation within the United States of America. If this were the goal for some evil and unknown reason, then the government should be congratulated as they’re doing a fantastic job.

With the level of part time jobs being created as opposed to full time jobs, it’s asinine to assume that you can build a thriving economy off of part time America. Sounds similar to the lawyer in the movie Clueless telling Alicia Silverstone that two driving permits don’t equal a license. It’s asinine to think that a recovery exists when the majority of the jobs are service sector jobs that pay minimum wage or slightly above. It’s delusional to think that the people who have these jobs can support a housing recovery. They won’t make enough to save for a down payment, let alone the upkeep associated with housing ownership. The idea is absurd and yet it is policy. For that matter, the people who got into these bad loans in the first place aren’t likely to sell to people who can’t afford the high prices they need just to break even on the houses they bought when they thought the good times would last forever. It is for these reasons why re-inflating the housing market will fall flat on its face, no matter how much pundits talk it up.

With regards to quantitative easing, it is successfully propping up the banks for now. As for Main Street, it won’t work because all the jobs that it should have stimulated have been outsourced. Before, the Fed would ease, companies would hire, and the Fed would tap on the economic breaks. Because a lot of the jobs are now overseas, there can be no significant hiring when the Fed began easing. This is the simple reason why there isn’t any real job growth.

Speaking of Just over Broke, I mean jobs. Has it dawned on you that tax revenue as it stands now, can only come from people that are making over a certain amount of money? If you tax the poor and lower middle income, you should strongly consider Tent Cities. This way America can be the land of the tent and home of the working stiff. After all, if people don’t make much because they live in Slave-Landia (Gerald Celente; Trends Journal), they can’t spend much and there won’t be any stimulating of the economy. A consumer driven economy is based on a reasonable level of disposable income. The jobs being created now are in low wage industries, which don’t increase disposable income; instead it decreases the level of disposable income. How do you have a functioning economy if less and less people have a full time job? The lot of you better wake up before the sleeping masses do, because when they do, they’ll be mad as hell and heaven knows what they’ll do. The sleeping giant isn’t the American government, it’s the American people. Remember this.

In addition, it’s important to mention the following bubbles: Stock Market, Bond, Real Estate, Derivatives, & Student Debt Loan bubbles.

In conclusion, America is in decline and decaying before our very eyes. The qualities of the jobs are decaying, the dollar is decaying, the culture is in decay, civil liberties and freedom are an illusion, and the principles that guided this country are far gone. There are so many bubbles that are ready to go off at a moment’s notice and any one of these bubbles could wipe out this economy. I leave you with the words that this country, this great land stands on the precipice of financial oblivion. I thought you might like to know.



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