The Coming Theft of Our Savings and Wealth

Friday, October 25, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Tim Dunkin
Thursday, October 24, 2013

The United States of America are in a terrible, terrible situation. We are saddled with a government comprised of anti-American Marxists who hate our freedom and everything America used to stand for. This cadre of traitors seeks nothing less than to “fundamentally transform” America from a free nation of citizens into a slave nation of serfs. To do this, their every move since the Obama administration took office has been calculated to destroy the middle class backbone of our nation. A strong, vital middle class is a bulwark for any free nation, and therefore is an obstacle and impediment to the communistic goals of Obama and his gang of governmental thugs.

A good example of this is the ObamaCare debacle. The whole point to this program is to impoverish the middle clases by requiring them to spend onerous amounts of their money buying more expensive health insurance, while simultaneously subsidizing the “Free Stuff Army” half of the country that voted for Obama. Meanwhile, the calculated effort of the Left is toward the failure of ObamaCare, so that it can be replaced by something even worse—single payer socialized medicine in which the government completely controls health care access for most people and the only folks who can obtain “gold star” private health care are the very rich (i.e., like the “elite” in Washington and their buddies in the news media and Hollywood). Just look at the current issues with the website rollout, which has been an absolute disaster. I strongly suspect that this has been purposeful, intended to frighten people into demanding that ObamaCare be scrapped…to be replaced with the single-payer system the left-wingers have wanted all along. If the middle classes can be forced into a single-payer system, then they will be fleeced to pay for it, seeing their wealth frittered away, while the health care sword of Damocles is held over their heads lest they get out of line (“You’re a member of the Tea Party? I’m sorry, the doctor won’t be able to see you…”)

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