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Saturday, September 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

Sep 13, 2013

Before I begin this latest alert I want to make a few things clear to the readers. Firstly, what is happening in “Main Streets” or the public at large is not indicative of what is occurring with the Banksters and their appartchiks running the central banks. That being said I want to highlight what I have said weeks and even months ago and that is the warning about one more metals beat down which will occur and which will be the final sign before the screws are placed tightly on the coffin of the American pipe dream called an economy.

The question becomes where is this suppression coming from? Or better yet what is the underlying stratagem that is currently seeing a Precious Metals (PM) price drop? I will go ahead and highlight this for you, remember what a population/general public does and what it’s government/financial institutions do are two different things. With that being said I will say that the reason of this current metals manipulation is none other than INDIA. I recommend all of you to go back and read my alert on August 28 titled “The Implosion Has Begun But NOT Yet” in there I detailed the take down of India from financial insiders thus hobbling the BRICS and the formation of the IMF rival bank.

Folks be not deceived what we are witnessing here is the very apparatus of the petro-dollar peddlers that are now on a full scale war against any and all rivals. First to fall were the Gadhafi tied African nations that dared to have a gold backed Dinar that will trade against the dollar for petroleum commerce preeminence. We all saw what happened to poor old Mommar. The next card to topple was a Egypt where a disgruntled employee of Globalism Inc. Hosni Mubarak was removed, a fanatical regime was put in his place and on began the “Arab Spring” that is turning into the Arab Nuclear Winter.

Which brings us to the topic of the Syria. Again for readers please re-read my past alert August 25th “Why Syria?” for an in depth look into this conflict. The pressure on Syria has everything to do with pipelines and nothing to do with spreading “democracy” ( a communist catchphrase) and freedom ( a euphemism) It has to do with the control of the flow of natural gas into the European markets, a very lucrative deal indeed so much so that over a quarter of Russian GDP comes from Euro-pipeline deals.

Now follow closely, the US is trying to take out its rivals. It has taken out the African nations, now the Arab nations that are not cronies of the petro dollar system are in the throws of conflict. Folks right now the BRICS nations are the biggest target of the banksters. Russia is being targeted via Syria, which if it loses to the US/Western backed forces, they will see a significant economic downturn that will undo much of the growth and prosperity that nation has enjoyed. Brazil is in the process of an economic downturn as many protest even the slightest rise in goods and services. The South African economy has taken multiple hits as it’s mining industry where much of the gold comes from is being hamstrung by labor issues manipulated by outside forces. This leaves India whose currency is in collapse. I feel strongly that Abenomics/ the Japanese induced currency war ordered by the US banking interests, was designed to put pressure on China and Indian currencies. Folks do you see the picture every member of the BRICS is facing overt or covert trouble and pressure.

The recent gold beat down is nothing more than the Indians who are NOW willing to lease out 200 tons of gold that they have bought from the IMF. The idiots in Indian government purchased this amount back in 2009 from the IMF. Of course there was no real transfer of the metals into Indian vaults. It was just a book entry, the actual physical is being held at the NY Fed/JPM vault. In other words the Indians bought gold from the IMF that did not exist, which is also the same gold that is being loaned out to over 60 entities currently, it is this imaginary gold that the Indians want to “loan” out to as they play Bullion Bank to sell Gold for Dollars!!!!! Who has this sort of power to put a boot to the neck of the Indians and making them scream “Ghandi-Gee!!!” Who but the Anglo-American banking cartel?

Folks this temporary beat down of gold shall bring it’s price into the $1180-$1270 oz range for the short time. This will not last, even though the Indian government are staffed by docile idiots, the public is continuing to buy at an alarming rate. China still continues to buy precious metals at a rapid clip as well. The Russians as well, they (China & Russia) are being poised and primed to get ready for a dollar take down. See folks, as the US attacks the BRICS using weapons of economic ensnarement, China and Russia will counter act by selling even more US treasury notes. Making the once vaunted and now liable and troublesome US dollar a relic of the fiat past.

Look for a gold to drop to the range that I stated above, look for silver to drop to the $18-$20 oz range and look for the dollar to go up. Again this is for the VERY SHORT Term. You can not run these tactics in the face of a dwindling supply. This is a last ditch play by the banksters, a hail mary since the Syria invasion blew up in their face. Time is short and conflict is soon and coming.

Beneficium Accipere Libertatem est Vendere
To accept a favor is to sell freedom

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