Warmongering Hypocrites:Obama,Boehner,Graham and McCain Will Send Troops to Syria While Refusing to Deploy Soldiers to Secure Our Border With Mexico. The Real National Security Threat.

Thursday, September 5, 2013
By Paul Martin

September 5, 2013

I have not heard one threat from President Assad of Syria. Still after the Syrian President has started to reform his government and take nation in a new direction more in line with western values. How do we thank Assad? Well we thank him the same way we thanked Gaddafi for his reforms. We send in radical Muslim fighters to destabilize the republic toppling the government putting in the nastiest people making living in Libya and recently Egypt a living hell. Syria , Egypt and Libya have not threatened or attacked us. They are no national security threat to us. They were only a threat to the bankers because they hate competition when there is a competing currency challenging their fiat money.
On Sept 11, 2001. 19 hijackers supposedly from Saudi Arabia and Jordan took down the World Trade center and hit the Pentagon by taking over planes with box cutters. Did we attack Saudi Arabia and Jordan? No, we went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. We are saber rattling with Iran, Yemen and Pakistan using drones to kill 100 people in the market square because of one suspected terrorist that are no threat to anyone. They neither have the intent to bring harm on us.

All the reasons to attack these nations was based on false flag attacks or manufactured evidence of phony weapons of mass destruction ready made well packaged and scripted for propaganda purposes to sell the public why America needs to go to war. All for some strange reason when the real intent was to plunder a nation’s natural resources as the real motivation. It just proves the war on terror is a hoax.

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