Has the Obama Administration made the decision to sacrifice four USN destroyers?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
By Paul Martin

Tim Alexander

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The Obama Administration preparing to sacrifice four US Navy guided-missile destroyers and their crews to begin a War on Syria

The United States is clearly preparing a cruise missile strike on Syria using Tomahawk long-range missiles. It is doing this with the full knowledge that any such attack is apt to be suicidal for any surface ship that launches such an attack or is in the range of Russian Onyx and Iskander missiles. That is why it has moved all super-carriers and assault carriers out of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. In the past post-WWII Mideast wars the US Navy always gathered several super-carriers and other smaller flat-tops in the war theater just before hostilities but not this time. The Navy knows that they are not survivable against the latest Russian firepower.

The four USN guided-missile destroyers, that the Obama Administration is planning to sacrifice are: The USS Mahan, the USS Gravely, the USS Barry, and the USS Ramage. There are several thousand American men and women who serve on these ships who may be lost at sea in a new Middle East war that Americans overwhelming do NOT want.

The Onyx SS-N-25 (P-800 Oniks) is sometimes called the Super-Sunburn (SS-22). It is arguably the fastest (hypersonic) anti-shipping missile on Earth. It is so fast that it could sink a destroyer sized warship just from its terminal impact speed, even if it did not have a massive warhead (which it does). The Iskander SS-26 (9K720) missile is in a class by itself, having been designed to kill American anti-missile batteries. Its speed is at least Mach 6 to Mach 7 but some credible reports list it as Mach 8! Additionally, the Syrians have access to the Russian advanced VA-111 Shkval class of underwater missile/supercavitating torpedo and its Iranian copy the Hoot (Whale). These travel underwater at 220 MPH or so and are almost unstoppable, and can be launched from ship, sub, aircraft, or shore.

The British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force is also planning to join in the cruise missile strike, as is the French Air Force and perhaps elements of its Navy. The Brits will be using a Trafalgar-class submarine to launch their cruise missiles and are not expected to place a surface ship in danger. The RAF is expected to use the RAF airbase at Akrotiri in Cyrpus and the French may use a Middle East airbase. That leaves the American surface sailors out on a very dangerous limb, as well as American airmen in Turkey. The theory that is employed, may be, that Americans will get their ‘blood up’ if a thousand or so US sailors are killed by the Syrians (in response to a US attack) and this will empower the Administration to expand the war to Iran, Syria’s military ally.

If you are an American and have any loved ones on one of the US Destroyers, or know anyone who does, or simply cannot stand the idea of more unnecessary American deaths in Middle East wars, contact your Congressman’s office and your US Senator’s office this week and demand that we not go to war yet again.

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