Friday, August 23, 2013
By Paul Martin

AUGUST 23, 2013

The financial crisis has been a fixture since 2008 when Lehman failed. The crisis became acute when QE began, and later the hyper monetary inflation was clear as permanent. In the last several months, the perma-crisis elevated in danger level, from a skein of high risk critical extreme events.
The Gold price will rise dramatically in the future from numerous powerful forces and factors.

The following factors are directly relevant as to why the Gold Price will rise to $5000 per ounce, then higher. At the same time, the Silver price will rise multiples higher. The gains for Silver will most likely be a greater multiple than seen on the Gold price rise. The shortage for Silver is astounding and obvious to analysts and experts, except those who work for banks. The shortage for Gold is more subtle, as thousands of tons have been leased illicitly. Therefore the accounting is replete with double counting and outright missing accounts in false reporting.
The following are 13 fundamental and locked-in-stone reasons why gold will first hit, and then surpass $5,000/oz.

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