Economic Napalm – Stock Market and Economic Crash to Begin Now!

Friday, August 23, 2013
By Paul Martin

By: Ty Andros
Market Oracle
Aug 23, 2013

The smell of economic NAPALM is in the air as the central bank printing presses have allowed mispricing, malinvestments and market imbalances to mushroom to EXPLOSIVE levels. Now the money printing is set to slow and some of the insolvent can be expected to fall to their doom as the tide of money recedes.

This has set the stage for a BLACK swan of unknown identity to set off the conflagration. The Black swans are too numerous to mention but we are going to identify a few of them in this edition of fingers of instability.

ECONOMIC Optimism abounds as dead cat bounces in Keynesian HEADLINE economic illusions provide those who live within the MAIN STREAM MEDIA matrix of misinformation HOPE. This is the vast majority of the public and investors in general. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, they really live in a world of willful blindness.

IN REALITY these people are the frog in the slowly boiling water of the unfolding depression which began in 2008. The depression masked by debt masquerading as economic growth first and wealth second. The bonds and money which have been printed out of thin air are just the next step in the unfolding SYSTEMIC insolvency which is MUSHROOMING on a daily basis.

Actually no wealth has been created (but GARGANTUAN future liabilities have been), it is just the opposite. It is the consumption of wealth and misallocation of capital to consumption rather than investment and creating a BOOM from credit expansion on grandest scale in history. The BUST will be equally SPECTACULAR!

Just this week it was announced that Japan’s government DEBT has surpassed 1 Quadrillion yen ($10 trillion US dollars and 200%+ of GDP), with most of the new debt/money PRINTED out of THIN AIR.

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