This Will Crush Gold Bears & Create A “Disorderly” Rise In Gold

Thursday, August 22, 2013
By Paul Martin
August 22, 2013

Today one of the most highly respected fund managers in Singapore warned King World News about a developing situation which is now threatening to crush the gold bears and create a “disorderly” rise in the price of gold. Grant Williams, who is portfolio manager of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund, also spoke about historic events which are now taking place in the war on gold. Below is what Williams had to say in this extraordinary interview.

Williams: “There are some really fascinating things going on in the gold market. We had some very interesting numbers come out of the U.K. this week. U.K. export to Switzerland are up 10-fold. There has been nearly a staggering 800 tons of gold that have been shipped from the U.K to Switzerland.

What’s going on there is the Swiss refineries are melting down these 400 ounce bars and producing small coins and bars to ship out to Asia, where the premiums are higher. But we are talking here about a significant amount of gold that is flowing into Asia. The Hong Kong import numbers are off the charts. The gold flowing from the U.K. into Switzerland is off the charts. All of this gold is heading into Asia to meet the massive demand for physical metal.

There are queues outside of jewelry stores here in Asia because of people who are looking to buy gold….

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