Natural News exclusive: Fukushima victim exposes Japanese government’s attempted bizarre brainwashing of radiation victims

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The following is a first-person account of the attempt by the Japanese government to brainwash victims of Fukushima radiation poisoning into believing radiation would not harm them if they simply “smile.” Natural News is the first U.S. news source to publish this account in English. The name of the original author is Uwamae Masako, who now lives in Taiwan after escaping Fukushima and leaving behind many friends and family members.

As you’ll see below, the Japanese government’s Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Advisor uses a hypnotic, droning speech pattern to try to convince his audience of absolutely bizarre quack science beliefs like “people who drink aren’t affected by radiation” or that “laughter will remove your radiation phobia.”

What follows is a true, firsthand account…

I’m a mother who has two kids. I lived in Koriyama, Fukushima. When the earthquake happened, I heard from the radio that the nuclear plant exploded. “We can’t go back to Koriyama anymore,” was the first thought came to my mind. Sendai, where my husband worked, was not a safe place, either. Although the distance between the nuclear plant and Sendai is about 120 km, the wind direction made it not safe there.

After the electric power was restored, we watched TV. A famous professor repeatedly talked about how the nuclear plant functioned, and our government also said that there was no direct effect, but I felt uneasy. The danger of the third reactor is different from others, because it generates power from MOX ( mixed plutonium and uranium oxide) fuel. If the plutonium diffuses, it will be extremely dangerous — it will make a lot of people die even if the diffuse amount is as little as one teaspoon.

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