City Reduces Police Force By Placing Public Under Constant Surveillance

Thursday, August 15, 2013
By Paul Martin

In 40-foot high watch towers, police officers are practically prison guards over population.

Kit Daniels
August 15, 2013

A New Jersey police department is replacing their beat cops with “virtual patrols” that can spy on you.

The Camden County Police Department recently created the Real Time Tactical Operation Intelligence Center in order to “help a reduced police force” by installing 120 cameras across the city, according to My9NJ.
The cameras can record in real-time and save footage for future use.

The police department also monitors the public with a mobile 40-foot high sky booth called the “Sky Patrol,” which is practically a prison guard tower.

The booth is high enough for police to intimidate the population below while scanning a wide area of the city with cameras, thermal-imaging, and other sophisticated spy tech.

Citizens have already resisted the Sky Patrol, which costs $135,000.

“When there’s that expectation that you are alone, and someone’s looking in a window or a fenced-in backyard, that’s a real problem,” Jeffrey Zucker, a criminal attorney, said to the to the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill. “If you’re on the street or your porch, it’s a different matter.”

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