EU: In Many Ways The Real Crisis Has Not Yet Even Started. It Is Not An Economic Crisis. It Will Be The Mother Of All Political Chaos

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By Paul Martin
August 13th, 2013

The EU is founded on a systemic and deliberate policy to lie to populations and manipulate large sections of their political classes by bribing them with their own money.

This approach was bound to create something radically futile, dangerous and utterly inappropriate to any decent productive co-operation between the countries of Europe. It created the Euro.

The UK is by no means innocent as it was very much involved in the wild and irresponsible financial idiocy which caused the crisis dating from 2008. However, this does not lessen the political poison at the heart of the EU.

This is worth repeating, to emphasis the elementally dangerous nature of the organisation that created the Euro: we have the Commission which is the executive and the legislative rolled into one. There is no effective separation of powers. There is a parliament that has the formal ability to only block legislation and the atom bomb option only, to dismiss the entire Commission. To cap it all not one person in the Commission is subject to the direct votes of the electorate in any way.

The parliament consists of obscenely overpaid MEPs, the vast majority coming from countries receiving more than they put in. The pay masters are constantly out voted, even in the tiny power the parliament can exercise. The atom bomb option is simply impractical and so only exists in theory.

What we have is a system where laws are formulated and made by the same body that implements and runs the EU. So, it is very easy to just change the law to suit and to forgive itself however much it fails to implement law or simple breaks its own laws. The attitude towards EU accounts is symptom. This is, in effect, very much the way Medieval England used to operate.

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