To “Protect and Defend” Is Now a Treasonous Act

Friday, July 26, 2013
By Paul Martin

July 26, 2013

Every team I have ever coached consisted of good people and not so good people. Every class that I have ever taught has contained good people and not so good people. Any institution contains good and not so good people including people who work for the government.

A Tale of Two Politicians
I never cared for President Jimmy Carter’s politics while serving as President (e.g. the Panama Canal giveaway), but I have always regarded the man as a decent, caring and honorable person who unwittingly allowed himself to be used by the Rockefeller forces to advance the cause of globalism.

However, when a former President, a President who staffed his entire executive branch with members of the original Trilateral Commission, says that America is no longer a functional democracy, we should sit up and pay attention. Subsequently, Jimmy Carter has unequivocally condemned the unconstitutional practices of the NSA. If we boil down the substance of Carter’s statements to its base elements, we have a loyal globalist in the form of President Carter stating that the new flavor of the New World Order, as it has embedded itself in the United States of America, is an out of control dictatorship which is dangerous to all.

President Carter is not just concerned about the spying aspect of the NSA. The NSA spying is not an end unto itself. Governments spy because they plan to use the information. And governments most often use this kind of information to consolidate power and eliminate all opposition. Although Carter stopped short of saying that Americans, both individually and collectively, are in grave danger. It is clear the former President Carter believes this to be the case for when a society permits uncontrolled spying and the abrogation of its fundamental laws, tyranny will inevitably rear its ugly head and we will see a police state surveillance grid complete with forced detentions, unconstitutional gun confiscations and summary executions of dissidents take shape in this country. These events are on the horizon and I praise President Carter for encouraging America to peer down this rabbit hole.

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