Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity’s Secret Weapon

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
July 9, 2013

What is about to be revealed here holds the key to preserving and enhancing humanity. Humanity has unlimited power and is capable of shaping the planet into whatever the mass of humanity desires.

The globalists, or should I more accurately say the Satanists, know about this and they have actively worked to suppress the ability. In this series of articles, the reader will witness how such variables such as the power of prayer have become measurable using double blind studies and utilizing the research protocols of control and experimental groups. The reader will also learn in the first part of this series what it means to live in a universe of quantum entanglement which is now fully embraced by physicists.

The next several parts of this series will scientifically demonstrate the locked away powers that we possess which could change the very nature of humanity and drastically alter the circumstances under which we live and exist. Presently, these powers are being harnessed by health psychologists to heal and to ward off the advancement of disease. And amazingly these are many of the same powers that are spoken of in the Bible, but in this series I present the nature of our hidden talents under the microscope of science.

This series will not only present these stunning revelations, but the following articles will discuss ways in which they can be used to establish order on within our lives, increase our sense of well-being, enhance self-esteem and most all, dramatically alter life on this planet as know and understand it today.

Make no mistake about it, the globalist controlled media holds the power of prayer, the power of intention and the power of the presence of what we label miracles, in total contempt. There are significant reasons why I believe we will see a great purge against all genuine expressions of spirituality in the very near future. In fact this purge has already begun and it explains why the American Stasi, the Department of Homeland Security, has declared Bible-believing Christians to be domestic terror threats. After reading this series, you will discover when America descends into the tyranny of martial law, Christians will be the first large group to be purged.

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