DHS Criminalizes Legitimate Redress of Grievances

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
June 24, 2013

We know that whistleblowers are facing unprecedented dangers in this country for identifying the misdeeds of individuals and certain agencies within the government. Andrew Breitbart was murdered to prevent the release of damning tapes of Obama’s past misdeeds. The coroner investigating Breitbart’s death was murdered as well. Michael Hastings was trying to go into hiding because of information he had learned with regard to the nefarious activities of the FBI and the CIA. He was subsequently murdered. If Woodward and Bernstein were breaking the Watergate story today, they would be murdered as well in the present political climate in the United States. Most of us in the media understand this and assassination is the risk we increasingly risk to bring the truth to an unaware public. However, what happens when the whistleblowers constitute the residents of an entire county? What does government plan to do to these people?

America’s Water Has Never Been Worse

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