Snow job: If government spying on all Americans is such a good thing, then why is it being conducted in secret?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the run up to the 2012 election, why didn’t Obama campaign on the promise that he would keep Americans safe by spying on all our phone calls, emails and electronic communications? After all, Obama says he completely endorse the program, insisting that Americans will have to put up with a “little inconvenience” in order to be more secure.

So why not run on that platform? “Hey, America, I’m the SPY President! Vote for me and have all your emails read by caring government professionals who keep you safe!” Instead of being the “Hope and Change” candidate, Obama could have been an advocate for “Snoop and Chains!”

Obama didn’t run on that platform, of course, because he would have lost the election if he admitted the things he really supports: secret military prisons and illegal torture, secret kill lists of American citizens, unarmed drone strikes on women and children, the continued criminalization of pot and industrial hemp, the continued Big Pharma monopoly over medicine, the DHS arming against the American people, and of course the over-the-top NSA surveillance machine that listens to all your phone calls and reads all your emails.

A candidate who openly admitted to supporting all the things Obama is now doing would be ridiculed… laughed off the debate stage and maybe even run out of the country. But by lying to the American public about all these things, Obama got elected. And once elected, he pushed the expansion of these programs, blowing out trillions of dollars in federal spending while multiplying the power and reach of the Big Brother police state surveillance grid.

But it’s all okay, he says. You didn’t need to know about all these details because the government was keeping you safe. And yes, you can trust government as long as Obama is in charge, you see.

Besides, you don’t have anything to hide, do ya?

YOU have nothing to hide, but WE do!

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