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Friday, June 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

Monty Pelerin
June 14, 2013

Lots of good reader commentary developed regarding the recent post Why Things Are Getting Worse — Much Worse. Reader Blair is particularly strong in his condemnation of our current situation, quite a bit stronger than my original article. You can read it and decide for yourself whether you believe Blair overstates matters. His style is different than mine but there is no conflict in terms of conclusions, although he takes his further than I did.

Indeed, “the people pulling the strings of the visible leaders” are obviously preparing for a future in which there will be imposed democidal martial law. The USA has already gone past the event horizon of a social black hole. We are going to be sucked in to some series of runaway social insanities … This is way worse than we can imagine, since there is nothing in history to compare it to. Just as there can be no sane wars fought with weapons of mass destruction, there can be no sane civil wars nor violent revolutions in a society which has an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, but nevertheless, the already established economic systems have a fundamentally fraudulent foundation, which is going to automatically drive us through debt insanities, to result in collapsing into chaos.
The USA has already gone past the point of no return in its degree of irreconcilable social polaritions. However, there is no possible coherent theory about how to resolve that, given the globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed up by atomic bombs.

It is quite obviously impossible to get people to understand that situation, or how to resolve it, because NOBODY KNOWS HOW.

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