Erosion Of Our Civil Liberties Highlights Those Who Will Resist When Society Breaks Down

Friday, June 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

Chris Carrington
Friday, June 7, 2013

The vision of my future is bleak, so is yours. There’s no need for me to list and link the abuses of power that are imposed on us by the government; unless you have been living in a cave for the last year or so you will know about the constant erosion of our civil liberties, the removal of our rights is gathering pace.

Every day another piece of legislation determines what we can and can’t do. Not outlandish things, simple things, everyday things, things that we should be able to take for granted like catching rainwater, growing veggies wherever we like on our property, making a phone call without the intrusion of government eavesdroppers and information gatherers.

It’s not just happening here either. Almost the entire Northern Hemisphere is moving in the same direction. The UK and the Eurozone, even though they have big stuff like bankruptcy and record unemployment to worry about, continue to impose idiotic and restrictive laws on their citizens.

I’ve been asking myself why a lot recently. Why do this, what’s the point of doing these things now? Why not next week or next month?

The government cites the War on Terror, they are doing this for our own good, to keep us safe. How does stopping me growing veggies in my front yard keep me safe from terrorism?

Those of us who have woken up to the fact that TPTB intend to subjugate us , commit us to servitude, know these Draconian measures have little to do with the War on Terro;, we know it’s about the New World Order that is slowly but surely coalescing into a dark insidious mass that will descend over all of us, blocking out the sunshine that came with the freedoms we once knew.

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