Eric Schmidt: Google AI Indistinguishable From Humans Within a Decade

Friday, May 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

Technology to pass Turing test within 5-10 years

Paul Joseph Watson
May 24, 2013

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has predicted that the company will be capable of developing artificial intelligence for its programs that will be indistinguishable from a human being within 5-10 years.

During a question and answer session at Google’s Big Tent event, which took place this week at the luxury Grove Hotel in Watford, UK, Schmidt responded to the question, “How soon before Google Now passes the Turing test?”

The Turing test is a concept first introduced in 1950 by British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing which measures a machine’s ability to exhibit behavior equivalent to a real human being.

After mentioning how IBM’s Watson computer won Jeopardy, Schmidt responded that Google, “could do it in five to 10 years.”

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