Systemic crisis 2013: with record stock exchange highs, the planet’s imminent plunge into recession

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
By Paul Martin
May 16, 2013

Despite a feeling of relative calm given by both the media and the American and Japanese financial markets going from record to record, the world economy is slowing down badly and a widespread recession is looming. The various players are fully aware of it and, in the face of the challenges of an imminent collapse, countries or regions are putting various strategies in place to try and limit the consequences. Whilst some seem dictated by desperation or last chance solutions, others on the contrary bear witness to a real adaptation to the world’s current changes. And it’s no surprise that, in the first category, we find the “powers of the world before” which no longer have any real options.

Layout of the full article :
1. World recession in sight
2. The banks’ doubtful business
3. Tax haven all hell
4. Neo-protectionism between regional blocs
5. Emerging nations’ strategy in gold
6. The Fed’s last bullets
7. Euroland : national unity governments and the ECB to the rescue
8. High risk strategies

This public announcement contains chapters 1, 2 and 5.

World recession in sight
In fact several signals show that a reversal in the economic situation is imminent. Indeed the term “reversal” isn’t very fitting since the real economy has never really recovered from the 2008 shock: it is, therefore, rather a worsening which we will see.

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