They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up

Friday, May 10, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
May 9, 2013

Hillary Clinton is a murderer and she has a long history of dead bodies which has followed her into the White House and beyond.Barack Obama was politically groomed by murderers, Bernadine Dorne and Bill Ayers from the Weathermen Underground, who were part of an organization which killed people including police officers. Dorne did time for her role in one of these murders. Obama is the modern day manifestation of the Bill Ayers inspired murderous organization.

Both Clinton and Obama conspired to murder Ambassador Stevens to cover-up Obama’s version of Fast and Furious in the Middle East in which the CIA, through Ambassador Stevens, which provided weapons to al Qaeda, first in Libya and then Syria. America, with the true facts coming out, we have a read chance to rid ourselves of this criminal administration.

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