Just Wait Because I’m not Ready Yet

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

by John Galt
May 7, 2013

A Warning for the Unprepared Prepper…

Last year, yours truly penned a piece titled “It’s Time to Accept Reality that it’s Too Late.” It was an echo of the words I uttered on radio many years ago that if one wishes to survive the oncoming threat of a United States based dictatorship using a corporatocracy inclined Fascist system to control the masses, that the two words one did not want to hear were that it is “too late.” I honestly pray for my readers that any of my friends and readers ever have to live through that thought process.

Such as…..

Someone listened to a nationally famous talk show host when the announced gun confiscation began and surrendered their weapons willingly and trusted in the court system as the host instructed to return his weapons and his rights. Meanwhile as the courts notified that poor soul that it would take over 18 months to process his case due to the backlog of weapon repossessions and processing that individual was left unarmed. Meanwhile, just one month later, the economy collapsed and with all of the grocery stores closed for over two weeks a group of three criminals broke into his house and began raping his wife and daughter while stealing all of his food and supplies after beating him to a pulp. All he could scream was:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Another individual listened to his family and failed to discuss the geopolitical risks at the same time. When the economy collapsed and the government announced rationing, his family ran out of food in less than three weeks. He screamed at his wife in a fit of anger that it was not fair and that they situation was not for real. He went to the grocery store to fill his rations in an insane attempt to stock up on food and was denied the quantities he wished to by. In anger he yelled at the poor clerk, “but, but, but, this can not be the collapse”….

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