The End of the United States

Thursday, May 2, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Stephen Pidgeon
April 30, 2013

The fifty-state union is over. Nothing remains but a criminal mafia pretending to hold office, stealing every last aspect of wealth they can identify in order to accomplish three things: 1) make payment to the banksters who have paid their bribes; 2) secure payment to themselves to ensure their own comfort; and 3) secure enough means to keep the mafia working (i.e., paying the utilities for the capitol building).

All of these people who claim to hold office in the United States government have violated their respective oaths of office, and have no use for the Constitution that created their offices to begin with. As a consequence, they cannot lawfully hold any office whatsoever; instead, they occupy the space that a lawful person could hold, at the expense of the laws of the nation itself.

Since the Constitution is now irrelevant and there is no organic document giving rise to this enterprise, there is and there can be no federal government. The Constitution is dead, and so is the lawful establishment of governance. What is in play now is brute force, and nothing else.

Such enterprises are always doomed to failure, and this one is no exception. This union of states was created initially by George Washington and his cohorts in order to guarantee the debt of the Revolutionary War to England. Look closely at the close of that war: did we conquer the King of England? Did we burn London? The answer is, no; we settled with London and the Crown by agreeing to pay a debt to the Crown with interest.

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