Obama Wants Your Retirement Savings–all of it.

Monday, April 22, 2013
By Paul Martin

Apr 22, 2013

Think your money is safe from Obama confiscating it? Think again. Roosevelt took all the private gold on April 3rd, 1933. He took the gold by Executive Order. Did he have the Constitutional right to do it? I read the act that gave him the power and I say, if you give the government any power at all they will add to it to infinity. You will never get the government to rescind any of their power. I do not believe Roosevelt had the Constitutional right to steal money from the American people but no one challenged him just like they do not challenge Obama.

If you think Obama is restricted by the Constitution then you had better take a long hard look at how he has ignored it up to now. He will continue ignoring it as long as he gets away with it.

Now we have the Dodd Frank Bill that gives Obama the right to regulate all the monetary transactions in the country. He has his Martial Law edict that gives him the right to control all the money in every bank in this country. Do you actually believe he won’t take your IRA’s and your savings?

You have a lot to learn about tyranny and a lot to learn about how big government works its way into removing all your freedoms in the name of protection and peace, fairness and equal distribution. Yes, I know the welfare recipients love Obama and I know the liberals think him the new messiah or god, but that does not make him either. His true identity is still up for questioning but I see him as a charlatan and a power-hungry despot.

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