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Sunday, April 21, 2013
By Paul Martin
April 21, 2013

Freedom of speech and the press has been one of our cornerstones that made our nation great. The King of England tried to shut down newspapers critical of the British Monarchy. When the Constitution was ratified. The first Amendment being part of the Bill of Rights made political speech protected from the government. The press was there to keep watch over government and hold our elected servants accountable.

Today is a different story. The major print media and the TV news networks are no more than mouth pieces for the Government. There is no news exposing corruption in the system. The news networks no longer are independent nor are the reporters acting in an individual capacity. They are ordered to read the teleprompter.

If there is a scandal. It is selectively chosen based on if a person plays ball or not with the system. If a person in the system who is a thorn in the side to the political oligarchs. The media will manipulate the facts to slander a person’s good name. When there is real corruption exposed. It is a white wash to minimize damage. This is why the mainstream media has lost all credibility with their audience.

Since the internet has grown in fruition. The establishment thought the internet would be used as a surveillance tool over the population to control it. Now the world wide web is now the weapon bringing down the political establishment. The rise of citizen journalist in the alternative media is now filling the void mainstream media has failed to do. The power of the individual who does not have a boss telling them what to write and do is the most dangerous person in America.

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