My interview of David Morgan Silver-Investor – Confirmed U.S. banks will go Cyprus. Paper prices separating from physical. Get metals while you can!

Saturday, April 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

Sherrie Questioning All
Saturday, April 20, 2013

David Morgan, spoke to me this morning about the Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein, coming right out and saying the U.S. will do as Cyprus if needed and take the creditors (depositors) money so a bank will not fail. Your money in the banks is not yours it is the bank’s money and when you signed the signature card, you acknowledge that.

The blue print has been established.

Great last minute interview with David and he provides Very Important information. He points out Everyone needs to protect themselves, immediately. The Physical market is tight now and getting tighter even in the U.S., get gold and silver right now while you can.

He says the U.S. citizens need to Wake Up and get smart and informed NOW!


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