Video: Obama Supporter Would Rather be Murdered Than Use Gun In Self Defense

Friday, March 1, 2013
By Paul Martin

“Self-defense is not an option.”

Steve Watson
Mar 1, 2013

In video captured by CBS Atlanta, an avid Obama supporter states that she would rather die than exercise her Second Amendment rights to defend her own life with a gun.

The footage was shot during a protest against “stand your ground” gun laws at the Georgia state capital in Atlanta. The rally was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the day George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin in FL.

The protester, decked out in Obama gear, bizarrely declared that “self-defense is not an option.”
“It’s not an option,” she repeated, admitting she would rather be a victim than be armed.

When the CBS reporter asked What if someone is trying to kill you?” the woman replied, “they’ll just have to kill me.”

Presumably the woman would also see everyone else be victims rather than having the right to defend themselves against murderers trying to kill them.


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