A Nation of Deadbeat Bankers and Politicians.

Monday, February 11, 2013
By Paul Martin

February 10, 2013

I can picture it right now. The President, Wall Street, the Central bankers and the politicians are salivating looking at the private pension funds. The zombie bankers and the Federal government need the money to stay solvent to fund the wars and the bloated Federal Government.. They need to steal people’s houses, sometime owned free and clear to fix the balance sheets. Politicians for the right price will look the other way when the bankers illegally foreclose on a home the banks do not own or hold the note. If the politicians upheld the law, they would not have a campaign war chest financed by the money junkies to get reelected with flashy ads on radio and TV, nor would it be necessary to rig the electronic voting machines to steal an election to stay in power..

The bankers owe 1.5 quadrillion in derivative debt. This is the scam selling credit default swaps and the mortgage backed securities that is a fraud and useless paper.. Before the Glass Steagle Act. The selling of these types of financial instruments were illegal to do. The TARP bailout was not only a bailout to the Bankers. They singed the taxpayer on to their derivative debt they owe, not us. If TARP was not passed in 2008, the Central Bankers would die and paupers because they could not make good on all this useless paper called derivatives. There is one example of deadbeat bankers who will demand we pay back our loans with crushing usury added on. But when they are in debt they demand we subsidize their bad debts.

Before the Glass Steagle Act was repealed in the late 1990s passed by a republican House and Senate singed by President Clinton .Commercial banks and investment banks were kept separate for this reason to prevent the bankers from going wild. Has Washington hold these bankers accountable like Iceland did? No, both political parties are on the same page when it come to financial crimes against the American people. There is you deadbeat politicians who do the will of Wall Street and foreign banks, never standing for the Constitution and the American people who are now hurting because they passed the bad law repealing the Glass Steagle act.

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