Global Economy Facing Serious Danger As The Third Largest National Economy Is Now Very Likely Going To Plunge Into Oblivion And This Time Is Different

Thursday, December 20, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 20th, 2012

Public Debt – Japan is the Worst

So many people only look at the US debt and yell and scream while jumping up and down in their yellow rain coats preaching the end is near. True, the US has the largest public debt, but it is far from the worst for it has the largest economy. That distinction being the worst debtor belongs to Japan and if Japan had to pay its debt back, it would be an economic Tsunami of untold proportions. Here are the facts just from the CIA and it is 2 years old. It is far worse and we may see the final capitulation of Japan in 2013.

Public Debt Top 20, 2010 estimate (CIA World Factbook 2011)
Country Public Debt (in billion USD)
% of GDP per capita (USD) Note (2008 estimate)
USA $9,133 62% $29,158 ($ 5,415, 38%)
Japan $8,512 198% $67,303 ($ 7,469, 172%)

Japan’s Export Debacle: Revenge In China, A Crash In Europe, Offshoring All Around

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