What Japan Is Going To Do To Light The Gold Market On Fire

Friday, November 30, 2012
By Paul Martin

November 30, 2012

Today 25-year veteran Caesar Bryan told King World News that the Japanese are getting ready to enter the gold market in size. Here is what Bryan, from Gabelli & Company, had to say about this fascinating situation: “Last time we spoke we talked a little bit about what was going on in Japan. Two days ago a former advisor to the LDP, Abe, came out with some advice that the Bank of Japan should add another $60 trillion yen, which is about $750 billion, to the monetary base.”

Caesar Bryan continues:

“He then said this would cause the yen to fall to 100 yen to the dollar, from its current value of 82. This in turn would raise the CPI inflation rate to Abe’s target zone of 2% to 3%. So this was more talk about what Abe would do should he become Prime Minister following the election in Japan on December 16th.

Now if the yen falls back to 100, we believe that would be very positive for the Japanese equity market….

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