Turk – Current Financial System To Implode Within 24 Months…(If Not Sooner!!!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
By Paul Martin

November 28, 2012

Today James Turk spoke with King World News about steps which are being taken by the LBMA and Western central planners to cover up the corruption and manipulation in the gold and silver markets. This is the third and final in a series of interviews with James Turk which reveals what is going on behind the scenes of the desperate Western central bank gold and silver price suppression scheme.

Eric King: “You talked earlier about the fact that they tried to dematerialize gold back in 1969 with the SDR. Then in 1980 we saw the change of rules on the COMEX and the silver price collapsed. Going forward, these are the first steps you see (LBMA actions and attacking Indian gold demand) as a Ponzi scheme is unwinding. We should expect to see more radical things from the central planners?”

Turk: “Yes. That 1969 change has significance to today. It came just before the system blew up. The SDR was created in ’69 and the system blew up shortly thereafter (and gold went up roughly six-fold by the end of ‘73).

Now, whether we have to wait another 18 months or 18 days before gold starts a move where it’s going to triple in price, only time will tell. But again, it’s a sign that the system of suppressing the gold price is unraveling, and we’re getting very close.”

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