Bickering on The Titanic

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
By Paul Martin

Monty Pelerin
Nov 26 2012

Doug Ross has put the absurdities bandied about over the so-called fiscal cliff into proper perspective. What is going on is a political charade that has little to do with the financial health and viability of the country. The fiscal cliff is nothing but a speed bump in terms of what lies ahead.

There will be great amount of media and political consternation over the next few weeks as the political parties jockey for political advantage. This activity is merely a sideshow that only shows how ill-equipped and unwilling politicians are to deal with reality.

The fiscal cliff is the equivalent of the Titanic passengers engaging in a pre-iceberg kerfuffle over the deck chairs. The iceberg lies ahead and these morons act like children, vying for their own personal advantage. This media spectacle has nothing to do with anything, at least anything material or meaningful. It is merely another sign of the intellectual bankruptcy and lack of integrity of the elected class. It is meaningless in the bigger scheme of what is ahead.


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