Wednesday, November 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Nathan Rao
Wednesday November 21,2012

TORRENTIAL rain and fierce winds will wreak havoc across Britain over the next three days, forecasters warned last night.

Swaths of the country are on flood alert with as much as four inches of rain likely to fall in just 48 hours.

Already flood-hit regions face a massive deluge in a matter of hours while gale-force gusts of 80mph are expected to cause structural damage and travel misery.

The Met Office yesterday issued a rare four-day severe weather warning for rain in the South-west and North-west, expected to get the worst of the deluge.

However the entire country is braced for a “very wet and windy” few days with no let up at least until the weekend.

The dire prediction comes as scientists warn flooding could become more common over the next 100 years as the UK’s rainfall becomes more extreme.

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